MK9 Chef Knife

Introducing a kitchen tool for the new era, the MÄNNKITCHEN MK9

Männ is "my" in a dialect of old Norse. My kitchen = MÄNNKITCHEN. The profile of the MK9 is patterned after Norse longboats, which were designed to slice through the water at maximum speed with minimal resistance. This revolutionary design made distant exploration possible and enabled the Viking Era.

We're in a new era now, hopefully one with less pillaging.

The benefits of cooking at home are numerous and well documented. Meals cooked at home are less expensive than eating out, more nutritious, and use only ingredients that you choose. Nothing promotes community better than sharing a meal together. In addition, meals cooked at home have other benefits:

"I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t think a man who cooks is sexy.”

-Mary M. from Quora

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Not just another chef's knife, the MÄNNKITCHEN MK9 is a function-first kitchen tool:

  • Revolutionary US Steel surgical sharpness & exceptional edge retention.
  • Larger Handle cradles the hand for an effortlessly firm grip
  • Longer Blade for improved slicing and handling large tasks faster
  • Wider Blade increased knuckle clearance and easy food transfer
  • Convex Spine Profile for a more natural wrist position while cutting
  • Hybrid Edge Shape for maximum versatility
  • Rounded Spine for exceptional comfort when using a pinch grip
  • Micro Bolster all the safety benefits of a full bolster, with none of the drawbacks.

Every detail of the design is functional, from the materials, to the profile, to each contour of the handle and micro bolster. There are no Damascus patterns or decorative hammer marks on the blade, just revolutionary American-made nitrogen steel, designed and built to work for generations.


  • Super hard & durable X63 Nitrogen stainless steel made in the USA
  • Superior edge retention & chip resistance
  • Hybrid blade design with innovative edge shape accommodates all cutting techniques (slice, chop, rock, push and tap)
  • Wide blade design for improved knuckle clearance and food transfer
  • Curved profile prevents wedging & increases leverage
  • Rounded spine to prevent friction when using the recommended pinch grip


  • Fits everyone-even those with large hands
  • Nonslip G10 resin will not swell, shrink, crack, or discolor
  • Ergonomic shape allows more natural wrist position while cutting
  • Micro bolster for comfort, safety, and ease of sharpening
  • Extreme comfort and stability in both traditional and pinch grips

The First 100 Supporters Get 50% OFF - Subscribe to be the first to know!

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Hi Marj! We’re nearing the end of the design phase now. I expect to have the final version complete soon, after which we’re running a crowdfunding campaign to fund the initial production run. If you join our mailing list, you’ll be the first to know when the campaign goes live, so you can save 50% on the knife.


looks wonderful where do we buy it ?

marjorie parmelee

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